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Use your own office forms with PCEncounter
"A simple way to enter the world of electronic records without having to change my usual charting methods."
~ Louis Weinstein, MD,
Commack NY

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PCEncounter visits are
just like today’s visits,
only paper-free.

Use your familiar office forms.

Write with a pen or dictate your notes.

Streamline your practice without
turning it upside down.

When you are ready to use PCEncounter, we’ll digitize your most-used forms. You'll get your wireless tabletPCs (one for each examing room), install these files, and you’re good to go.

To see a patient, you’ll open your visit form on the tabletPC. You’ll scribble your note using the electronic pen -- no typing! You can choose to let the computer retain your handwriting or you can use character recognition to translate your writing into typed text. If you prefer, just add simple voice recognition software so you can dictate notes. Then just save the note and it will attach to the patient’s existing record.

Then you’ll mark up your superbill on the tabletPC with the tablet’s pen, click “print,” and it will arrive at the front desk before your patient has left the room.

No new systems to learn. It’s easy.In fact, it’s the only system that allows you to see patients faster than paper. Every other EMR slows you down.

Each PCEncounter annual subscription includes up to three forms digitized free each year (there’s a small fee for even more), plus unlimited access to our “Best Of” forms gallery from other PCEncounter users.

We understand: just because you want to get rid of the paper does not necessarily mean you want to change the way you practice. Why conform to someone else’s idea of an office form? If it works and you like it, keep it with PCEncounter.

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