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PCArchiver simplifies your retirement plans
“The motto should be,
‘Cleaning out your store room, one box at a time.’ ”
~ Barry I. Resnik, MD,
Aventura FL

When you retire,
what will you do with all that paper?

State laws require you to keep
legal documents and patient records for years, but your insurance or malpractice carrier may suggest 'forever.'

PCArchiver is your retirement plan.

Give yourself peace of mind. Do you want to spend
retirement savings on storing documents or charts?
Do you really want to worry about them while you travel, or move them to your new home?

No, not you.

And yet state laws require you to keep many kinds of documents and all patient charts for years, while your insurance or malpractice carrier usually suggests you keep them indefinitely.

PCArchiver lets you keep all your records 'forever,' on just a hard drive or a few disks. And if you ever need to open them, you can be confident you can do so: the files are all saved as industry-standard TIFF images in a Microsoft Access database. No paper, and no proprietary software locking up the data. Simple.

Tennis, anyone?

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