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Stanford Lamberg, MD; Dermatologist; President and Founder, PCArchiver, Inc.

Stanford I. Lamberg , MD

President and Founder,

Associate Professor, Dermatology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Baltimore MD

Solo private practice, dermatology
for 17 years until mid-2007

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PCArchiver was born in a medical practice, but is now used by other professionals and small business owners to efficiently, easily, and inexpensively, scan, archive, and retrieve paper records, bills, letters, ..anything that needs to be saved.

The Dilemma:

  • When I was in active practice, it was obvious that not having access to a patient's record would hamper the visit, but my front office had space for only about 2 years of charts.
  • I needed access to old records without giving up an exam room to chart storage, or lining office hallways with file racks. I didn't want to worry about the safety or security of charts kept in an off-site storage facility, or a basement or attic.
  • Front desk staff need to greet patients and stay near phones. Searching for old charts takes them away from the front desk, a poor use of their time.

The Plan:

  • Scan old records, store them on the office computers, and access them as needed. Similar needs for EOBs, contracts, tax papers, anything that needs to be saved but no longer needed on the shelf.

But how?

I thought my existing computer and backup system, plus a fast scanner and software would meet my needs.

  • Scanner: The scanner was the easy part (see Hardware). Scanners capable of scanning 30 pages a minute, scanning both sides of the page at one time, and holding more than 100 pages in an automatic feeder, cost less than $1,000.
  • Software: No easy-to-use and inexpensive medical scanning and archiving software existed. Chart entry was slow and retrieval was complicated with low-end software designed for the computer-savvy hobbyist, such as PaperPort (see PCArchiver vs PaperPort). High-end software, such as Kofax or MediNotes V-Chart, cost $5,000-$10,000, and did more than I needed.

The Solution:

With the help of a talented Swiss programmer, Joseph Buchmann, I designed a software program to meet my office needs. I shared my experience with colleagues, who tried it and told others, PCArchiver was born.

See for yourself:

Hundreds of physicians' and dentists' offices and medical centers now use PCArchiver to archive patient records, EOBs, encounter forms, contracts, clinical research records, and more. Other offices, such as accountants, lawyers, nursing homes, and other small businesses where critical paper records, bills, letter, ..anything, needs to be saved. Please click here for the Free Trial to try it out for yourself.


Programming Chief:
Marketing Department:
Legal Department:

Joseph Buchmann
Chuck Aaron
Chris Young, Esq.
Kim Dow , Nicole Lamberg
Wayne Rudy


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