Wish you could keep using paper charts
and still get your federal incentive funds?

Great news: you can!

Just add a MU/eRx module

By adding a Meaningful Use (MU) and ePrescribing (eRx) module to PCArchiver, you can continue to use paper records, and dictate or handwrite your notes as usual.  You still can meet Federal deadlines, avoid penalties, and get all incentive money. You do not need to change your practice style. Your backoffice staff can complete the MU/eRx module.

To continue to use paper records, you must convert them to electronic format. You need to scan your notes and append them to an existing scanned and archived record. PCArchiverprovides the best way to do this.
If you do not own PCArchiver, click HERE for a link to our home page. Download a free trial, see users testimonials, or email or call us.
If you already own PCA10, we recommend that you upgrade to PCA12.  Click here to learn why, or call us. Then, add a MU/eRx module.
If you already own PCA12, you are ready to go. Just add a MU/Rx module.

We constantly evaluate MU/eRx modules. At this time, we suggest:

Practice Fusion
Dedicated MU/eRx
yes wth EHR
Monthly cost
free (with ads)
free or $300
Length of contract
1, 2, or 3 years

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your needs and best options at NO obligation.


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