If you have a standalone PC, here is the BEST way to get FOUR redundant, reliable, and automatic backups for less than $100

1. Buy four 16GB flashdrives from Costco, Sams, or any online source, such as Newegg (about $15 each).  Each 16GB flashdrive can hold 1.6 million pages scanned with PCArchiver, enough for most offices (total cost: $60).
2. Click HERE to purchase and download SyncBackSE V7. SyncBackSE synchronizes each flashdrive with the hard drive on the computer, updating just the changed or new files. The synchronization may be scheduled for the end of each working day (costs about $40). 
3. Label the flashdrives: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.
4. Remove a flashdrive at the end of each week, hang it around your neck to take it off-site, and insert the next week's flashdrive.
5. Rotate flashdrives, always taking the last full version out of the office and sticking the oldest one in the PC for the next week's backup.
For additional security and for just $55 per year,
click HERE to add Carbonite online backup

NOTE:  PCArchiver is not responsible for poor backup hygiene. Loss of data from computer crashes, operator mishaps leading to data erasure, stolen data, or anything beyond software function is the responsibility of the purchaser.


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