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PCEncounter uses a tablet PC instead of paper
PCEncounter enables you to
use your usual forms.
Only you do so on a tabletPC instead of on paper.

PCEncounter provides what
most small practices
want out of an EMR:

Simple, fast, paper-free charting.

We’ve just left out the EMR baggage:
hospital-scale expenses,
long learning curve and
file formats you must commit to for life.

PCEncounter is an electronic medical records solution that is not an EMR. Many practices will
find an EMR more trouble than it is worth.
You want to streamline your practice,
not add complexity and cost you'll never recoup.
Maybe PCEncounter is what you want.


Consider an EMR: Then consider PC Encounter:
Cost: $35,000 - $100,000 per physician plus hardware. The average support is $6,000 per physician per year. Cost: Less than $2,000 for the first physician plus hardware. Additional physicians are less than $1,000.  Support is $900 per office per year, required only for the first year (or $0 if support is not needed after that).
Requirements: IT staff to install and maintain. Requirements: Install and maintain yourself.
Staff: Need significant retraining. Staff: Minimal training needed; existing staff can train new staff in-house.
Physicians: Need to conform to EMR's office forms. Physicians: Use your own, familiar forms. (Click here for more information on how PCEncounter does this.)
Data: Need to type in all new patient info. Data: Handwrite or dictate new patient info, almost just like you do now.
Existing files: Need to retype in order to access information in future. Most EMRs assume that customers will maintain their existing record rooms. Existing files: Just open your PCArchiver scanned files, which already freed you from maintaining paper records.
Access: Proprietary software formats lock in your data for life; you should plan to commit to an EMR for the long-term. Access: Industry standard TIFF format and Microsoft Access-based database ensure you'll always be able to open your files and even import them into any EMR you might choose in the future.
Queries: Data is searchable by field. Queries: Most independent practices only need to search by name/number. If your practice needs greater detail, you do have the choice to make data searchable by up to 30 fields.
Legal compliance: HIPAA compliant. Legal compliance: HIPAA compliant.
Pros: Share and study data throughout an enormous medical system. Pros: Cost, time and effort investment appropriate to the size and needs of your practice, with benefits you'll see quickly.
Cons: Expense, considerable IT support , staff time/effort in both training and implementation, typing requirement, proprietary file formats. Cons: Need to turn away EMR salespeople.

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