Free your office of charts, billings, contracts, and more with PCArchiver scanning and archiving software!

Simple. Efficient. Affordable.
Solo office--just $1,299.

NEW: Add MU/eRx to qualify for the MC/MA incentive.

Scan paper charts and records, starting at $1,299

PCA + MU/eRx module=EMR.
Stay with your paper charts. Do NOT change your practice. How? Your staff uses PCA to digitize the paper plus one of our recommended Meaningful Use and ePrescribing modules. You will then meet ALL federal incentive requirements.
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Too many records?
Too little space?
Solution: Start Scanning
Take the PCArchiver12 Video Tour to see how!

Designed for a medical office by a physician for physicians, but suitable where ever critical records pile up.


Suited for:

--Nursing homes (HIPAA)
--Physicians (HIPAA)
--Record rooms (HIPAA)
--Or, any business that  accumulates paper records.

Paperless vs less paper
What are realistic goals? Read an article published in Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and
, 2008
by Dr. Lamberg, President, PCArchiver, Inc.

What Users Say

“Industrial strength solution to a few decades of charts” ~ Dan Siegel, MD

“My non-computer-literate part-timer is quickly scanning in and, perhaps more importantly, quickly retrieving old charts ... I’m totally pleased.” ~ Steve Emmet, MD

“We are happily using your program. The blank page removal and separator page are both working beautifully!!!  WE LOVE IT.” ~ Stephen Z. Smith, MD

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